Hiking in Rideau River Provincial Park

The summer season in Ontario’s provincial parks is officially open! I thought it was the perfect opportunity to visit a park near my home, Rideau River Provincial Park, and hike the trail there.

I like to think I know the Rideau River and the many trails that run along it well  since I hiked the 300-kilometres Rideau Trail three years ago. But yet, I had never before visited the provincial park that highlights this waterway which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Rideau River Provincial Park Beach
A quiet morning along the Rideau River

Rideau River Provincial Park is located, as its name suggests, on the banks of the Rideau River in Eastern Ontario (just south of Ottawa). The provincial park is especially popular for its many campgrounds and its access to the river, but you can also find a hiking trail there, the Shoreline Trail.


The Shoreline Trail simply follows the shore of the Rideau River in the provincial park. It is 2.7 kilometres long and not very difficult to follow, but it does offer some great views on the Rideau River. The forest and vegetation is typical of that found along the river. I saw turtles, a great heron and even a beaver there!

Shoreline Trail in Rideau River Provincial Park
Not a complicated trail, but it’s so pretty!

Of course, since camping is not yet permitted in Ontario (with the pandemic still raging), the provincial park was pretty quiet when I visited it. I had the trail all to myself (if you don’t count the mosquitoes) which was perfect for enjoying the tranquil beauty of the Rideau River.

This short hike reminded me once again that there are so many beautiful places to explore in my home province! After focusing on visiting local conservation areas last year, this year, I would love to spend more time visiting Ontario provincial parks!

Hiking in Rideau River Provincial Park
Always so happy on a trail!

If you’re looking for other great trails along the Rideau River and its canal, the Tip to Tip Trail in Burritts Rapids and the trails at nearby Baxter Conservation Area are worth checking out.

For a list of Ontario’s provincial parks that I have visited, check out the National, provincial and state parks page.


    1. It is! I’m hoping camping can start again in Ontario and I would definitely go back there too!

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