My most popular blog posts in 2021

I always like to see which of my articles have been the most read during the year on this blog. It always makes me feel a bit weird to see some of my blog posts generate a lot of enthusiasm and it also makes me feel like I can get a better sense of what has interested you the most over the year. Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes I’m a bit surprised!

So of the 28 blog posts I have written this year, here are the five that were the most popular.

5 – Hiking in Rideau River Provincial Park

Rideau River Provincial Park is a small provincial park in Ottawa located on the banks of, you guessed it, the Rideau River. I’m a little surprised that this article is among the most popular of the year, because the provincial park only has one hiking trail. But this trail is neither very long nor very difficult, and offers some nice views of the river, which I guess makes it the perfect spot to enjoy this historic waterway!

Rideau River Provincial Park
Along the calm Rideau River

4 – Snowshoeing on the trails of Lavigne Natural Park in Bourget

Lavigne Natural Park in Bourget was one of my local surprise this year, and I am happy to see that this post has been read a lot. I had never heard of the park until last winter, but the pandemic forced me to find new trails to explore closer to home. Lavigne Natural Park is managed by the Municipality of Clarence-Rockland and has 5 kilometres of trails perfect for hiking, skiing or snowshoeing.

Lavigne Naturel Park
Happy me in Lavigne Natural Park

3 – Hiking to the top of Manitou Mountain in Calabogie

I have been wanting to hike to the top of Manitou Mountain at Calabogie Peaks Resort for a long time and I finally got some time to do so last spring. The Manitou Mountain Trail also leads to the ever popular Eagle’s Nest Lookout, making this a favourite hike among outdoor enthusiasts of Ottawa.

Manitou Mountain Trail
There is always a nice view in Calabogie

2 – Calabogie – Lost Valley Loop and the top of Dickson Mountain

Calabogie is one of the most popular places near Ottawa to hike, so it’s no surprise that my two stories of hiking there ended up in my blog posts Top 5! Lost Valley Loop and Skywalk Trail (which leads to the top of Dickson Mountain) are a little less well known than the Manitou Mountain Trail, but in my opinion this hike was even more spectacular (and a bit of an adventure)!

Skywalk Trail in Calabogie
Exploring the Skywalk Trail, a highlight this year

1 – Hiking in Charleston Lake Provincial Park

I’m happy to see this post was the most popular this year, because I really enjoyed visiting Charleston Lake Provincial Park last spring. So much so that I even went back there another time during the summer to hike other trails. This provincial park is definitely a new favourite of mine and I’m sure I’ll go back (I still have more trails to explore there, after all!).

Charleston Lake Provincial Park
Perfect spot to take a break and enjoy this view on Charleston Lake

Thank you, dear readers, for continuing to read my stories! I’m wishing you lots of beautiful hike in 2022!

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