My most popular blog posts in 2022

It’s the end of the year, so it’s time to take a look upon the last year! I’ll share my favourites of hikes of 2022 in a few days, but first I wanted to highlight the five blog posts of this year that you have read the most.

This year, I decided to make a different list in French and in English. As the most popular stories are entirely different from one language to another, I found it interesting to compare the two lists (if you are interested to see what were the Top 5 stories in French, choose the option “Français” in the menu).

In English, mountain hikes and hikes around Ottawa were the stories that caught your attention the most.


5 – Exploring Meech Creek Valley in Gatineau

My blog posts on trails at Gatineau Park in the Outaouais are always very popular, so I’m not surprised that this one ended up in my 2022 Top 5. Meech Creek Valley was a pleasant surprise for me. I did not expect this hike to be so pleasant and photogenic!

Meech Creek Valley
Beaufiul Meech Creek Valley

4 – Hiking to the top of Blue Mountain near Charleston Lake Provincial Park

Last year, my blog post on Charleston Lake Provincial Park ended up being the most read post of 2021. I’m happy to see that this post about my hike to the top of Blue Mountain is also getting a lot of attention! Located in this Eastern Ontario provincial park, Blue Mountain isn’t very high but it offers a nice view on the area.

Summit of Blue Mountain
At the summit of Blue Mountain in Eastern Ontario

3 – Hiking to the top of Mount Morissette in the Outaouais

Another pleasant mountain hike that doesn’t require a lot of physical efforts and still leads to a beautiful view. Mount Morissette is located near Blue Sea, in the Outaouais, and is well known for its panoramic observation tower at the top that offers a 360-degree view on the area.

Summit of Mount Morissette
The old fire tower at the summit of Mount Morissette

2 – Hiking to the top St. Regis Mountain and its fire tower in the Adirondacks

The third mountain hike on this list! I am really happy to see that this story is among my most read of this year, as I really enjoyed this hike to the top of St. Regis Mountain in New York State. And like Mount Morissette, there is also a tower at the top which offers a beautiful view on the surroundings!

Fire tower at the summit of St. Regis Mountain
Fall in the Adirondacks

1 – Ottawa – The frozen waterfalls of Sheila McKee Park

And finally, the most read blog post of this year is this one! I think that Sheila McKee Park is a beautiful nature gem, not much known outside Ottawa. This beautiful small park is located on a rocky escarpment that overlooks the Ottawa River, and in winter, if it’s cold enough, you can find beautiful frozen waterfalls along the escarpment. It’s visually stunning, which is probably why this story has been the most popular this year!

Frozen waterfalls in Sheila McKee Park
Frozen waterfalls in Ottawa

Thank you for your support and feedback this year! It always warms my heart to know that my articles are read and appreciated!


  1. Sounds like you had a very successful year of hiking and exploring new trails. I haven’t done much hiking near the Ottawa area, but I now want to. Enjoy the rest of the holidays. Looking forward to a new year filled with lots of new adventures and memories. Cheers. Linda

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