Hiking to the top of Dog Mountain in North Vancouver

I just got back from spending a few days in Vancouver where I was visiting a friend. What a pleasure it is to be back on the west coast! As it was sunny and warm, my friend suggested we go hiking in the mountains and we headed to Mount Seymour Provincial Park, intending to summit Dog Mountain.

Why Dog Mountain? Because it is a hike that is neither too difficult nor too technical (the elevation gain is rather minimal) and which offers a magnificent view of Vancouver. In addition, the trailhead is about a thirty-minute drive from the city centre, which makes it an easily accessible (and popular) hike.

It was sunny when we left Vancouver, but as we drove higher in the mountains towards the trailhead, we suddenly found ourselves in a heavy fog. And if, in town, the cherry trees were all blossoming, in the mountains there was still lots and lots of snow.

Hiking on Dog Mountain
When spring rhymes with fog and snow

The trailhead for the Dog Mountain Trail is located near the Mount Seymour Ski Resort parking lot. Despite the fog and snow, it wasn’t terribly cold, and the trail was relatively well-trodden and well-marked.


I was so happy to find myself under the tall trees of the mountain! Mount Seymour Provincial Park lies within the coastal western hemlock and mountain hemlock bioclimatic zones. The trail first climbs gently through a dense old-growth subalpine fir forest, where there were magnificent Douglas firs.

Dog Mountain Trail
West coast trees are so big!

As my friend told me, the hike was not very physically demanding. The trail winds gently between tall trees and big rocks, and the climb was very gradual. It seems that in the summer, the trail is covered with large slippery roots, which adds a little difficulty, but for me, everything was covered with a thick layer of snow.

After more than a kilometre, we arrived at First Lake, also covered in snow and fog.

First Lake on Dog Mountain
Even the lake seems lost in the fog

The climb was a little more sustained after that, but nothing too challenging. After another kilometre, the trees started to clear and we reached the rocky summit of Dog Mountain.

At 1,054 metres above sea level, Dog Mountain is said to offer one of the best views in the Vancouver area. On a clear day, it is possible to see Vancouver, Stanley Park, the Fraser Valley and the Strait of Georgia. Unfortunately for me, I was not there on a clear day. Absolutely, definitely not.

Summit of Dog Mountain
Enjoying one of the best views of Vancouver

But you have to enjoy a hike for the experience, not for the view, right? So I put my disappointment aside and tried to enjoy every minute of my descent. After all, as was the case at Mount Ulia in Spain, the foggy forest was simply magical! And it gives me one more reason to come back and enjoy the trail when the weather is nicer!

Dog Mountain Trail
Better luck next time!

Dog Mountain:
Altitude: 1,054m
Elevation gain: 196m
Distance (return) : 5.7 kilometres
Access : Mount Seymour Ski Resort Parking


  1. I love the fog between the trees. Even though the views from the top were obstructed by the clouds, I’d say it still looks beautiful and kind of eerie. We’re actually heading to Vancouver tomorrow.

    1. Enjoy your trip to Vancouver! The weather was perfect when I was there last weekend (except for that hike in the mountains!).

    1. Thanks for reading, Allan! The weather in Vancouver was perfect, I just wasn’t lucky when I got to the mountains. Hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy the view if you go there!

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