That time I had to stay home

It’s been over a month since I came back from Copenhagen, a strange return that haunted me for a few days afterwards. Over a month adapting to this new reality of a global pandemic. Over a month of short walks limited to the quiet streets of my neighborhood in Casselman.

It’s crazy how quickly we can get used to anything, even to the strangest circumstances.

I have to admit that when you live in a village, the pace of life is a little slower so the differences from the daily life before are a little less marked. I just have the impression of living a long Sunday afternoon that drags on and on.

Canada geese in a closed park

Still, I’m amazed at how quickly we got used to our new daily life. The barricaded parks, the closed shops and the lines in front of the grocery stores no longer seem incongruous to me. I am no longer surprised to see passers-by cross the street when I approach or to see neighbors chatting while respecting an invisible border of two metres.

Even the rainbows that have appeared in the windows of the houses in my neighborhood are now part of the landscape. A welcome splash of color in a cold, dull April.

Rainbow in Casselman
Rainbows everywhere

I was supposed to be in Mexico now, after spending a week in Vancouver. In fact, I was supposed to spend the majority of the next few weeks on the road. If I had been told in January that I would not travel at all in the spring and summer, I would have been devastated. Now, I just feel lucky when it’s sunny enough that I can get on my bike and follow the quiet course of the South Nation River.

As I was saying, it’s crazy how quickly we can get used to anything.

There will likely be no overseas trips in the coming months. But whatever. All that matters now is the opportunity to see family and friends again, warmer temperatures, and a less uncertain future.

There are brighter days ahead. It’s going to be okay.

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