A little autumn break

You may have noticed that I did not write much on this blog this fall. It’s because, as was the case last summer, I found myself spending a little more time than usual on the road for work. In recent weeks, I have had the incredible opportunity to spend a few days in Japan and I am about to go abroad again for work in a few days.

My busy schedule unfortunately leaves me little time to visit or go on hikes. Hence the lack of activities on this blog. But I will have the opportunity to take a vacation in a few weeks and I intend to share here my travel adventures!

The photo above was taken in Shizuoka Japan, my place of work for a few days in October. Located a hundred kilometers south of Tokyo, Shizuoka is not a tourist hotspot, but the place is famous for its seafood (it is a major port for fishing) and on a clear day it is possible to see, in the distance, rise the imposing silhouette of the famous Mount Fuji.

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