Philadelphia – The giant screen of Comcast Center

Philadelphia has a lot to offer for history, art and architecture lovers. But fans of unusual attractions are not left out! Did you know that Philadelphia has one of the largest LED screens in the world? And that original programming is broadcast on this screen for 18 hours a day?

The screen on the wall in the lobby of Comcast Center is actually the largest 4 mm LED screen in the world. It is 25 metres wide by 8 metres high (83.3 by 25.4 feet) and is located above the elevators leading to the upper floors of the tower. The videos on the screen were created specifically for the attraction. You can see panoramic images of the city, landscapes, a giant clock that gives time and sometimes acrobatic dancers. The images broadcasted sometimes mimic the design of the lobby walls, so that the screen blends completely into the decor.

The giant screen of Comcast Center
The giant screen

Fans of technical details, know that the screen is composed of 7.8 million pixels and offers a resolution five times clearer than a high-definition television. The images that are broadcast are randomly selected, which means that the programming varies constantly (there is also special programming during the holidays or during special events).

The screen is not the only record holder at Comcast Center. The tower itself is the tallest in Philadelphia (the 10th highest in the United States) and has 58 floors. It is the headquarters of Comcast, a US cable company.

Comcast Center
Comcast Center, the highest building in Philadelphia

Unlike New York or Chicago, the skyscrapers of Philadelphia are not very numerous … It must be said that a by-law prohibited the construction of buildings taller than the tower of the city hall (which measures 167 meters) until 1987. Today, less than a dozen towers exceed this height. But I do not think they spoil the architectural beauty of the city. On the contrary, it gives an interesting look to Philadelphia, a curious mix of old and new.

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