Hudson, the village of Jack Layton

If you are traveling between Ottawa and Montreal, why not make a small stop in Hudson? This village, located on the shores of Lake Deux Montagnes, is cute, the kind that pleases many city dwellers seeking to escape the city for a few hours. There are several small shops, beautiful stone houses, an interesting main street and even a museum on the history of the village. And it’s a beautiful place to practice outdoor activities!

Hudson Town Hall
Hudson Town Hall

The particularity of Hudson? It is an English-speaking enclave in a rather French-speaking region (although its French heritage is also present).  Hudson therefore has a unique look and character … It was the French settlers who first began settling in the area from the 18th century and English, Scottish and then Irish settlers followed in the next century. Each community has built its churches and schools there. An important glass factory was founded in 1845 and it is its owner who named the village Hudson, in honor of his wife (it was her last name).

Lac Deux Montagnes
Deux Montagnes Lake in winter

In the streets of Hudson today, we can hear people talking in both English and French. Even the names of businesses reflect this reality. Hudson could easily be the standard bearer of the Canadian cultural duality …

And maybe that’s why a prominent Canadian politician grew up there: Jack Layton. He did his schooling in Hudson (he was even president of the student council of the local high school), before continuing his studies and his career in Montreal and Toronto and becoming the charismatic leader of the NDP. At his death, a park on the shore of Lake Deux Montagnes was renamed in his honor. From the park, you can see the village of Oka in the distance and observe the Ottawa River where it meets the lake. The kind of place that makes you want to take a break and get lost in the contemplation of the landscape…

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