The Ottawa Love Locks Bridge

Everyone knows the famous Pont des Arts in Paris which was crumbling under the weight of padlocks that lovers have placed there to swear themselves eternal love. But did you know that Ottawa also has its own version of the bridge of love?

The concept of the love locks is simple: with the person you love, you install a padlock (often bearing your initials) on a metal structure and you throw away the key (often in the water stream spanned by the bridge). You thus seal your love and hope that it will be as indestructible and durable as the padlock placed on the bridge.

Love Bridge in Ottawa

This tradition is very present in Europe and in Asia, where countless cities have their own version of these love bock bridges. The best known is undoubtedly the Pont des Arts in Paris (where one million padlocks were removed after one railing collapsed under their weight). Although rarer on this side of the Atlantic, some American cities also have their places where lovers can swear each other eternal love.

In Ottawa, the Corktown Footbridge is home to hundreds of love locks. Located on Somerset Street near the University of Ottawa, the footbridge is built across the Rideau Canal. It was built in the early 2000s and takes its name from the shacks that housed the workers at the time of the canal’s construction (several workers came from Cork, Ireland). The footbridge, which allows to observe in the distance the Parliament and the Chateau Laurier definitely has a little something!

Corktown Footbridge
The Corktown Footbridge is Ottawa’s bridge of love

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