Exploring Warwick Forest

I have been visiting Larose Forest for years, but it was my first time hiking at Warwick Forest Conservation Area, even though it is located not very far from where I live. I discovered a beautiful place that might become one of my new favourite spot when I want to go walking in the forest.

Warwick Forest
Rose and I exploring Warwick Forest

Much like Larose Forest, Warwick Forest is man-made, and was created after nearby farmlands were abandoned due to soil erosion. The lands were bought by the United Counties in the 50s and they are nowadays managed by the South Nation Conservation Authority.

Warwick Forest is now a conservation area and serves as a demonstration sites for various forest management techniques. It is therefore not surprising that we can see different landscapes on the 4-km trail, which make it an interesting hike.

Warwick Forest

We can find some traces of its older history (building foundations, old fences, stone walls and even the rusty carcass of an old car), which remind us that before the forest was planted, this area was covered with fields and farms.

There are some signposts on the trail to give us an indication of what we can see around us. Sadly, these signposts offer little or no explanations at all. Which is a shame, because it would be interesting to learn more about the various landscapes of the forest and its history.

It was my first visit to Warwick Forest, but it surely won’t be my last one! I love discovering new spots!

Warwick Forest
We’ll be back!


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